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World of Schoolcraft

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World of Schoolcraft (WOS) is a multiplayer turn based game. Its rules are as follows:
- Each player represents a high school principal with the ability to build and train students.
- There are 3 types of resources in the game:
1. Bricks (Bx)
2. Cash ($)
3. Energy Drinks (ED)
- Each player gets a turn. The turn is passed around sequentially. After everyone has a turn, a new day starts.
- Every 7 days (excluding the first day) is a subject-orientated competition. Schools choose the amount of students they want to send to the competition. The winner of the competitions win a government grant. The losers will have all their participating students 'demoralised' (cannot attend the next competition).
- The first school to win 5 government grants win.

- Every turn, the player may do any of the following:
1. Upgrade a building.
2. Teach a subject
3. Call an assembly
4. Recruit students
5. Mufti day
6. Trade
7. Contribution to "scientific research"

1. Upgrade a building
At the cost of some resources, the player can upgrade any building from the table below:
School Hall100 Bx, $100, 0 ED+1 School Pride
Library50 Bx, $100, 0ED+1 Knowledge
Gym50 Bx, $100, 0ED+1 Fitness
Studio50 Bx, $100, 0ED+1 Arts
Computer Lab50 Bx, $100, 0ED+1 Starcafting
Office150 Bx, $1500, 0ED+1 Money Production
Canteen50 Bx, $100, 0ED+1 School Pride, +1 Money Production
The building is upgraded immediately, although its effects will begin at the beginning of the player's next turn.

2. Teach a subject
There are 4 subjects in WOS: Knowledge, fitness, arts and starcrafting. Each is represented by an integer level. The higher the level, the more chance of winning a school vs school competition. Teaching a subject will increase the subject's level by 1. Teaching a subject requires X amount of Energy Drinks where X is the subject's level.

3. Call an assembly.
Calling an assembly increases school pride by 1. School pride helps in competitions. It also restores any demoralised students. An assembly costs 2 EDs per student.

4. Recruit students
Recruiting students will increase the number of students the player has. The player has to roll a 6-sided die and the number of students increase by the roll result (1 - 6). Recruiting cost is calculated by:

(1 + Current number of students) x $10

5. Mufti day
A great money scamming technique. The player rolls two 6-sided die and add the two roll numbers together. The player gets that much cash multiplied by the number of students, or:
(Die 1 + Die 2) x number of students

6. Trade
Schools can trade their cash for bricks or energy drinks. Bricks cost $100 each and energy drinks cost $50 each.

7. Contribution to "scientific research".
"All students are welcome to participate in the state of the art science research funded by the government. We need at least 100 students to signup before we can start a trial. Your school may ask you to signup, and why shouldn't you? Just fill in the permission notes and legal conditions that we send to your school. You are doing your school a great duty because once the trial is finished, the school gets a government fund. So what are you waiting for? Signup!"

Note: This is not a kidney harvesting scam. We don't take responsibility for excessive bleeding, unattached limbs and energy drink overdose in patients.

8. End turn
The player passes the turn to the next player.

9. How competitions works:
Before a competition starts, each player is notified of the subject of the competition. During the beginning of every 7th day, each player has to choose the number of students to participate in the competition. The formula for calculating the WIN POWER for each school is:
School Pride x Number of participants of that school x Subject Level
. Highest WIN POWER wins.


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