[SCRAPPED] Project: Simple Wars

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[SCRAPPED] Project: Simple Wars

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:52 pm

Simple Wars is a strategic combat turn based game. It follows the following rules:

Every turn, you may perform any of these actions multiple times until there are no more legal moves:
1. Build unit from factory
You can build a unit from a factory. Once you've built a unit from a factory, that factory cannot be used again for that turn. The newly built unit cannot move during that turn.
2. Move unit
You can move a unit anywhere within its movement range. Once it has moved, it cannot move again in that turn. It cannot move into obstructions such as trees.
3. Attack unit
You may attack a unit if it is within range of one of your units. Attacking a unit will result in damage. All units start out with 10 health, which decreases when it gets attacked.
4. Capture building
You can move an infantry over a building to capture it. Captured buildings gives $$$.
5. End turn
You end your turn and pass it to the next player.

Combat Rules
There are 3 types of units: infantry, grenadiers and tanks.
Damage Chart:

We will be working on certain bits of the game throughout the rest of the term and holidays. However, your main task is to write an AI that plays this game. I'll put up everyone's AI and then battle them out.

This game may be suspiciously similar to Advance Wars.


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